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Transsierra Norte Oaxaca Mexico

Caro wins and Anita second. Adventure is calling and we must go ;-)

This race was on our bucket list since a long time and this year we wanted to make it happen. Unknown singletrails out in the wilderness of Oaxaca. A city well known for its rich culture and the famous day of the death celebrations.

Over the course of 5 days us riders were treated with amazing trails, and believe it or not the best LOAM ever. Never would we have expected it in a country supposedly dry and full of cacti that we will find this kind of soil. The races stages would take us to elevation up to 3000m and the home base of rural camp ground was at 2400m, which made sleeping and breathing hard just a little harder.

Again a true twins battle with Caro winning the race (and 3/4 days) by a margin of a minute after 2h 20 of racing.

A well deserved beach holiday was had in Puerto Escondido, chilling out, surfing and having all the tacos. What a trip!!

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