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Free Riding Iran

 A look behind the curtain: In the West, one knows above all the Iranian moral rigor and war 
rhetoric, the Enduro professionals Anita and Caro Gehrig experience open-minded people,
hospitality, a great interest in the West and last but not least an unconditional passion for
mountain biking. There is a reason for this: The bike is a vehicle for freedom, because on the
trails, no moral guardians exist. Freeride, or better Free Ride, gets another dimension in the
land of mullahs. Although you might not be able to understand each other's words, on a bike
you always speak the same language. Free Riding Iran is a movie about courage, passion
and mutual inspiration on two wheels.

In cooperation with Halsundbeinbruch Film, the Gehrig Twins realized their long-planned
video project in May 2018. The result is a 32-minute documentary film that celebrated its
premiere at the UCI World Championships in Lenzerheide.

The movie has been supported by Red Bull and Samsung Switzerland.

Thank you Halsundbeinbruch Films, Simon Ricklin and Faranak Partoazar what an experience this was.

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