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Twins life

Anita and Caro Gehrig 

Professional Enduro Mountainbike Racers

Brand Ambassadors 



How did we get into cycling?

Our family has always been passionate about cycling, but we were riding horses when we were young and the bike was more a sort of transportation than a piece of sports equipment. At that time, our brother Adrian was battling with Nino Schurter in XC as a junior, so we got to know this world early on. When he was at the start of the 2003 World Championships in Lugano, we watched a downhill race for the first time - the speed, the adrenaline fascinated us right away. It was clear to us from that point on that we wanted to try this out. But that took a while! A few years later when we moved to Laax it really started, Anita then bought our first freeride bikes, simply I did not have the money at that time but it was of course not an option that only one of us had one. Racing for us was the immediate logical consequence, after all, we knew nothing else. We started immediately with downhill racing. 

What do we like so much about Enduro?

Enduro combines everything; speed, skill, endurance, and a huge diversity of routes and venues. You have to be able to improvise well, you only ride the course once, it's simply impossible to remember everything. In addition, the track changes during the race, which is an additional challenge. You can never be sure that a line that you practiced in training is still there.

“Life is so much better when you have a twin to share the ride.”

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