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EWS Canazei

The first and second round of the Enduro World Series kicked off in the beautiful dolomites in Italy. We got to race our new Norco Range bikes for the first time and had a blast doing so.

Due to Covid EWS introduced double rounds for the first time, so we can get as much racing in as possible. The first round took part on wednesday, Caro had a great race on placed a phenomal 7th place in a stacked field. Anita was not far back time wise but placed 13th which did not quite satisfy her.

With only a restday in between racing kicked off on friday with the pro stage. Conditions were super tough after an afternoon thunderstorm. The freshcut trail got as rowdy as it gets with very hard to read terrain, totally wet to totally dry within meters of the track. Almost done Anita had a slow but fatal crash where she dislocated her elbow. After painful hours the elbow got relocated and Anita got released out of hospital.

Caro tried to focus on her race the best she could after an eventful night and placed another top ten result with 10th, which that result she was more then happy.

On to the next one!!

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