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Swiss Enduro Series LAAX

Aktualisiert: 8. Feb.

2nd place at the home round.

After many years of racing globally we have decided to only race a few select races; cherry picking the most appealing to us of course. ;-)

As Laax Locals it is no question that our home round would make it into our calendar.

The local organization crew came up with a surprising race course that took even the locals to unknown terrain.

With some fast world cup racers at the startline the competition was strong.

Both had a good run and but fully let is all out on the last stage "the never end" where Anita placed first and Caro second. Separating themselves from the competition by a big margin.

Overall results

  1. Delia Da Mocogno

  2. Anita Gehrig

  3. Melanie Pugin

  4. Caro Gehrig

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