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EWS La Thuile

The first half of the EWS racing season is already behind us. The double header in beautiul La Thuile delivered a great race and is definitely a rider favourit. The varried terrain from alpine and forest stages with steep gradient and challenging technical sections kept riders on their toes. With the weather forecast looking really bad, organizers were forced to shorten the first race sligthly in order to secure a fair race to everyone. The four tough and technical stages would bring on a spectacular race anyways. Unfortunately Caro had a flat tire in the first race and lost a lot of time trying to fix it. Therefore she would finish far back on the 22nd place.

The second race kicked off with the Pro Stage on Saturday night that is new to the race format this year. The Pro Stage is all about getting the excitement up for the race the next day and the track, especially the gnarly rockgarden was lined with a lot of spectators. On Raceday on Sunday Caro had to handle some bad luck with a mechanical again but was going stronger in the first half of the race and secured a 14th place in the end.

The womens racing is fierce and we are excited what the second half of the season is going to bring. Times were super tight between the girls and in the end it was only 15sec to the top Ten. We be back! For now there is a long break of EWS racing until the beginning of September where we kick the second block off with a double header in Loudenvielle, France. Hopefully Anita will be fully healed up by then and ready to attack again!

"I was a bit unlucky with mechanicals in both races in La Thuile and couldn't really fullfill my expectations. I was enjoying the steep and technical trails in La Thuile loads and absolutely loved the challenges there. The next few weeks I'll spend trying to work on some weaknesses to come back at my best for the second block of EWS in September. This might involve a lot of descending on amazing singletrails so I'm really looking forward to that! Summer at home in Europe is not too bad at all, the high alpine season is just about to really kick off."

- Caro Gehrig (Race #1 22nd // Race #2 14th)

La Marzocco Coffee Session for all the coffee lovers of EWS on our Birthday which was the restday between the two races. Fun times with everyone!

It was exciting to witness a Enduro World Series race as a spectator, it makes me truly appreciate what we get to do week in and out. The level is so high and the girls fight fierce for glory! My ellbow recovery is going forward without surgery and hopefully I can make a comeback for the next rounds. Fingers crossed!"

- Anita

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