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Both Twins to miss out EWS 5&6 in Loudenvielle France this week

Although we are very sad to announce that we are both missing out the EWS race in France this week, history has been made - it's the first time ever none of the Twins will take the start at an EWS race since the inception of the Enduro World Series in 2013. This marks notabene 54 races around the globe, many Top 5 results, a few podiums and a hell of a good time!

"It's just not time to race yet! Ten weeks ago I dislocated my elbow, I went trough tough times but my recovery was going well so far. I'm back on my bike since a few weeks and I'm building up confidence and strenght each week. To come back with a double header EWS race just does not seem the right choice. There is to little time to recover inbetween the races for my weakened body. I'm giving myself another week and look forward to give my comeback in Crans Montana with the support of my homeland." 🇨🇭💜 - Anita Gehrig

Just a week ago Caro had a great race at the first ever Swiss Enduro Series in Lenzerheide, giving stage wins back and forth with Andréanne Lanthier Nadeau and securing a second place. Although in discomfort because of a beat up knee and some sensitivity disorders in her right foot & leg from a crash the prior week, she rode a strong race. Further check ups with our doctor showed a slipped disc in the lumbar spine that has been unnoticed before. Currently we are checking options for treatment and there is still a good chance that Caro can make a return to racing in a few weeks. We'll just have to take it day by day and week by week and will figure out with our team of doctors, physios and coach what's best.

"Tough news to swallow that's for sure but I'll try to come back as soon as I possibly can and the situation allows. I feel like I was riding very well recently and my body is in top shape otherwise so I'm positive that I'll be able to make a return to racing."- Caro Gehrig

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