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Get to know Ibis Cycles Enduro Race Team riders Anita and Carolin Gehrig as we go behind the scenes with the fastest twins in mountain biking. They talk about life as pro riders on the EWS circuit and the advantages - and challenges - of working and travelling with your family...


Gehrig Twins Video Episodes 2016


This project features three episodes throughout our 2016 season. From budgeting, financing, story book, planning, logistics & promotion this video series is a real Gehrig Twins production.

Gehrig Twins Episode 1 - “Enduro World Series La Thuile- Italy“

Since the Enduro World Series began the Gehrig Twins, Anita and Caro, have been an integral part. During this episode, we follow them to La Thuile in the mountainous north-west region of Italy. Magnificent meets madness when the breathtaking views of the 4808m Mont Blanc and the mighty Rutor glacier joins the steep and challenging terrain of the Aosta Valley. With the podium close enough to taste, the twins have a clear goal.

Gehrig Twins Episode 2 - „Never trust a swiss farmer“

The Gehrig Twins Anita and Caro ride "The Alps" Trail in Davos, Switzerland. Along the way they meet a farmer that is obviously trying to allure the girls. Which doesn't seem to be an easy task...


Gehrig Twins Episode 3 - „One day in Flims“
In the last of their three Video series the Gehrig Twins take us on their hometrails Flims Switzerland. Although they travel the world, the trails out of their doorstep are among the best. The variety of trails reachable by lifts is just unique! High alpine hiking trails and built downhill tracks the Gehrig Twins shred both. „One day in Flims“- makes you want to jump on your bike immediately. 


Gehrig twins at EWS Finale Ligure 2016

Anita and Caro Gehrig has had their best season so far in their career. After a solid winter without having to work and only focus on training the results finally started to roll in during 2016. Follow Anita and Caro during the last round of the enduro world series in Finale Ligure and see them secure their 3rd and 5th place overall in the series. visited Caro & Anita at their home spot in Flims

Oldie but goldie...

Our video "The Good, The Bad And The..." was a huge success on all the major MTB online platforms and reached over 250'000 views. It features the riders Anita & Carolin Gehrig and Julia Hofmann.